Get Slim with ThinnerGene

Test your DNA and get a Weight Loss Program designed for what your body needs.

Look Who’s Recommending ThinnerGene

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    I am very excited to offer ThinnerGene. By understanding your DNA, you can be empowered to reach your goals for a better and healthier body
    -Natalie Brown, RD

  • DeborahTurquie

    With ThinnerGene I can provide guidance that is customized to what my patients uniquely need.

    -Deborah Turquie RD, MS

  • My clients are finally able to achieve their weight loss goals with a diet and exercise plan that is UNIQUE to them.
    -Mana Bayanzadeh, RD


  • Sulana4x5_100dpi

    ThinnerGene helps me make diet and exercise recommendations geared specifically to each client so they can achieve the results they are looking for.
    -Sulana Perelman, RD

  • Angela_Moore_photo

    ThinnerGene lets me customize my nutrition counseling which improves my client’s ability to be successful longterm
    -Angela  M.S.,R.D., LD/N, CLT

  • Lisa Meisels

    Thanks to ThinnerGene, my clients have the answer to what weight loss diet specifically works for them!
    -Lisa Meisels RD, CHLC

  • As I age I am becoming more aware that each calorie counts; ThinnerGene helps me choose food that is best for my specific body type.


  • I’m excited about ThinnerGene and this cutting edge information you will be able to provide. I have struggled with my weight my entire life and I am glad that you will finally give me a plan that fits me.

  • This is the first weight loss plan I am really excited about! As a genetic counselor I knew our genes played a role in weight, and now we have the chance to use it to our advantage!


  • My sister and I both have autoimmune  and weight issues in varying degrees. I am hoping that getting a test for each of us would shed some light on the situation.


    Why Does ThinnerGene Work?

    ThinnerGene is based on cutting edge research that shows that people find it much easier to lose weight if they follow a diet and exercise plan that is customized to their DNA.    Much of this research has been performed at Harvard by our adviser Dr. Lu Qi.

    Dr. Qi and other researchers have found that variations in our DNA affect how well our body breaks down nutrients like  fats, carbohydrates and proteins. These variations, therefore, influence the types of nutrients that will make it easier or harder for us to stay a healthy weight.  Our DNA variations also influence how well exercise helps us lose weight.  The good news is that by testing your DNA we can tell you what diet and exercise plan will make it easier for you to lose weight.

    My Personalized Program

    Our team of nutrition, exercise and weight loss experts will develop a  personalized weight loss program based on your DNA test results and your answers to our questionnaire.  Your program will include healthy and easy to follow diet, exercise, and emotional eating-stress management plans and customized weight loss recommendations.    Your diet plan will be based on eating reasonable amounts of healthy and delicious foods rather than following an extreme diet.   It will be highly personalized to you.

    Your exercise plan will be based on your current activity level and the results of your DNA test and will be tailored to you and your lifestyle.   Our experts will also assess whether things like, stress or emotional issues are making it harder for you to lose weight and will suggest ways of combating these issues. They will also provide personalized and easy to follow suggestions to make it easier for you to follow your program.

    What’s Included with My Program?

    • Test kit & instructions
    • Report package which includes:
      •  Test results
      • Personalized Weight Loss Program
        • Personalized nutrition program
        • Personalized exercise program
        • Personalized weight loss recommendations
        • Recipes personalized to the results
        • Exercises personalized to the results
    • 30 Minute Consult Health Professional (optional)
    • T-shirt Customized to results (optional)

    The Process is Easy and Painless!

    The process is easy and best of all painless. We don’t need a blood draw. All we need from you is a swab of DNA from the inside of your cheek.

    1.  First we send you a DNA collection kit in the mail.
    2. Next you rub the inside of your cheek with the swab provided.
    3. You then stick the swab into the tube and mail it back in the prepaid envelope.
    4. Finally, you answer a short diet & fitness questionnaire that will help us customize your program.

    After analyzing your DNA we will provide you with your results and your customized weight-loss program.  Your results will be kept private and will not be shared with anybody without your permission.