ThinnerGene Test & Personalized T-shirt*


Purchase this package and get the  ThinnerGene test and customized weight loss program and a  t-shirt personalized to your  results.  The weight loss program will include a program overviewdiet plan, fitness plan and emotion – stress management plan and supporting fitness and nutrition documents. Depending on your results, your program will include 14-18 documents and in some cases audio files.

Celebrate the new you with our cool What’s My Type t-shirt personalized to your ThinnerGene results.   You will be able to choose your size and whether you want a men’s or women’s t-shirt after you get your test results.  The t-shirt shown does not represent the final shirt design.






Product Description

This product includes:

  • T-shirt customized to your results
  • Test kits & instructions
  • Personalized weight loss program
  • Shipping price includes shipping of kit and t-shirt to you and prepaid return shipping of your DNA to our lab (US and Canada). International shipping costs include shipping to you but you are responsible for costs of shipping DNA to our lab.

*You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase this test.  This test is not designed or intended for people under 13 years of age. A parent or guardian, may however purchase this service on behalf of his or her child and  may collect a  sample from, create an account for, and provide Self-Reported Information on behalf of his or her child. The parent or guardian assumes full responsibility for ensuring that the information that he/she provides to about his or her child is kept secure and that the information submitted is accurate.