Health Provider Buy 8 and get two free


Buy 8 ThinnerGene tests for your clients and get 2 more test kits free.   Includes 10 test kits with instructions and 10 personalized  weight loss plans.   You will also get a  phone or video conference training session with a Genetic Counselor  to help you explain the results to your clients.  Save on shipping costs too!    Test kits are shipped to one address. For US and Canada shipping costs include shipping of test kits to you and return shipping to the lab. International shipping costs include shipping to you but you are responsible for costs of shipping to our lab.

Product Description

You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase this test.  This test is not designed or intended for people under 13 years of age. A parent or guardian, may however purchase this service on behalf of his or her child. and  may collect a  sample from, create an account for, and provide Self-Reported Information on behalf of his or her child. The parent or guardian assumes full responsibility for ensuring that the information that he/she provides to about his or her child is kept secure and that the information submitted is accurate.