About ThinnerGene

ThinnerGene is based on cutting edge research that shows that it’s easier to lose weight if you follow a diet and exercise plan that is customized to your DNA.    Much of this research has been performed at Harvard by our adviser Dr. Lu Qi.

Dr. Qi and other researchers have found that variations in our DNA affect how well our body breaks down nutrients like fats, carbohydrates and proteins. These variations influence what diet makes it easier for you to stay a healthy weight. Other variations  influence how well exercise helps you lose weight.  The good news is that by testing your DNA we can tell you what diet and exercise plan will make it easier for you to lose weight.

ThinnerGene tests for  a number of specific variations in your DNA  that influence your weight by affecting how your body responds to exercise, and to specific nutrients like carbs, proteins, and fats.   We are only testing for variations for which there is significant scientific evidence.  We are not testing for variations that cause diseases.  

Our team of nutrition, exercise and weight loss experts will develop a personalized weight loss program based on your DNA test results and your answers to our questionnaire.  Your program will include healthy and easy to follow diet and exercise plans and customized weight loss recommendations. Your diet plan will be based on eating reasonable amounts of healthy and delicious foods rather than following an extreme diet.   It will be highly personalized to you.  For example, you could have a variation in your DNA that makes it easier for you to lose weight if you eat a lot of protein.   If you are a vegetarian with these results, then you will get a different diet plan than if you eat meat.  Your exercise plan will be based on your current activity level and the results of your DNA test and will be tailored to you and your lifestyle.

Your program will be flexible, and easy to follow and will include nutrition, exercise, stress management and healthy living components that are customized to you. To make it easier for you follow your program, we will also include sample meals, recipes, exercises, health tips, etc.

Here is a sample program overview and a sample diet plan.  Your program will also include a  meal plan with recipes, fitness plan, emotion-stress management plan and supporting fitness and nutrition documents. Depending on your results your program will include 14-18 documents and in some cases audio files.

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